Funraising Services

Fundraising Services

Are you part of a group or organization and need to raise funds?
Have you tried other ideas before and had to pay upfront or result in very little in return? We can help. We have two great options for helping your group or organization raise money.

Old Fashion Car Wash

You provide the volunteers, location and advertise your event and we take care of the rest. We provide all the required tools, cleaners, materials and supervision/ training to help you pull off a successful fundraiser. You can offer your supporters more then just a wash. You can raise even more money by being able to offer a wash and vac as well as a mini detail. We can handle non-cash transactions so you can offer Credit Cards as a form of payment so you can sit back and take care of your supporters. We have the capacity to offer several car wash lines running at the same time for less wait time for your supporters. All of this is at no upfront cost to your group. Without the need for running water making it every Eco-Friendly and no need for extra permits for waste water!

Exclusive Cash Back Coupon Program

Has your group ever tried a local restaurant's discount coupon program before? 

You pass out flyers to your group who then give them to family and friends. When the flyer holder gives the flyer to the restaurant a portion
of the sales are given back to your group. It's an easy way to raise a small amount of money. The restaurants only hold that promo for one day for a few hours so it's a small window to get your supporters out to dine. Most of the time the discount is only 5% to 10% so the returns are low.
We have a very similar program but with a few advantages. We run your group deal for more then just one day, normally a few weeks to a month. We pay right away, we can even forward payment after every completed car. In addition to the 20% of sales donating back to your group we offer special discounted pricing for your supporters. That could be $40 or more for each car serviced!

All of this is at no zero cost to your group.
Call or email us today to get all the details.