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 We offer special pricing packages for Business Customers. As an Employer or HR Manager You can offer our host of mobile services as a convenience to your employees. While they are busy at work, we can service their cars at your office or garage with out them having leave their desks! Our dry vapor cleaning system offers your workers a cleaner and healthier car environment which could result in less sick time and down time. You may choose to reward your employees by paying part or all of their bill as a reward or a unique incentive. Have a employee fund? Or Raise money
for another non-profit? We can set the account up as a tool for fundraising with part of the sale from each individual employee going to your fund. We only require a small area of your parking lot. Since we do not use running water we do not require special permits for water use or waste water run-off. We can even provide our own power by using one of our Generators if a outlet is not an option.  

How it Works

 We schedule service days based on employee demand. You post, in a visible spot or email around your office, our price menu with scheduled service dates listed. The employees then email us to request service on the days were are planning to be onsite. Based on the package selection we schedule the maximum number of vehicles for service we can fit in with the crew that will be scheduled. If a day or days posted fills we add more days.

On the days we will be at your office we set up shop in a out of the way corner of your office's parking lot before most people start their day. In the morning on their way into work the employees drop off their vehicles with us. We take cars in the order of drop-off. We will try our best to work around individual's schedules in the even they need their car by a particular time or will be in a meeting. We normally work on several vehicles at a time. When the vehicle is completed we email the owners to let them know without disrupting them at work. They are then free to pick up their cars at anytime they are free.

We normally work 8AM to 4PM but will come in early if we know we have at least one car to start with. We can also stay as late as needed to cover offices that run different shifts.
Customers pay us directly when picking up their cars. If a business is paying part or all of the customers bill we will submit an invoice at the end of each scheduled day. 

Corprate Vending Service Pricing

We offer discounted prices and special packages just for Corporate customers/ stops which runs 10% to 30% off our normal individual detail pricing. We also offer a few, lower-cost packages including a  maintenance and Express detail packages.

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