Concours Detail Package

Sedan/ Coupe From $1500
from $1750
from $2000

Our top detail package, The Concours package is over 60 steps of detailing perfection
on your vehicles' exterior. Service time may take 15 hours or longer and often requires
two full days to complete with out any drive time allowed in between. Service is
completed at your HOME or OFFICE with a overnight stay allowed.
All exterior vehicle surface is protected with at least a 1 year warrenty. Painted
surfaces protected upto 5 years depending on final coating choice by the customer.
We have two Options for a final coating with no diffrence in cost. Clients can chose
from a Nano Ceramic Glass coating with a 5 year warrenty or a Montan Si02 Hybrid wax
offering a 1 year warranty. The wax offers better gloss while the ceramic offers a
longer protection time. Full Video Walk-Though coming soon.

Package Includes:

ONR Pre-Rinse
Citrus Degreaser/ Cleaner application for road grime.
Snow Foam Application with Chenille Microfiber Agitation and Rinse
Full Paint Decontamination
- Bug/ Tar Remover
- Iron Ferrite/ Environmental Fallout Removal
- Mechanical Decon with Nano Scrub and Clay Bar Treatment
Final Wash with Paint Conditioning Creame
Wheels Removed for cleaning
- Wheel Face, Barrel and Lug nuts Cleaned and Decontamination
Full Wheel Well Degrease, Cleaning, Clay Bar Decontamination and Protection applied
Break Caliper/ Rotor Degreased, Cleaned and Polished/ Coated
Exposed Suspension Components Degreased, Cleaned and Polished
Door Jambs and sills Cleaned, Polished and Protected
All exterior Glass Cleaned, Polished and Protected, Interior Glass Cleaned
Plastic lens, Headlights, Fog Lights and Reflectors Polished and Protected
All Window Trim, Emblems and <olding Polished and Protected
All Plastic Trim, Grills and Components Cleaned and Protected
Scratches and Major Paint Defects Multi-stage Wet Sanded (if needed)
Two Step Polish: Cut/ Compound step followed by a Finish Polish
IPA final Coating Prep-wash
Choice of Final Coating: Nano Ceramic or Montan Wax/ Si02 Hybrid Wax had Applied
Final Buff and Wipe Down

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