About Us

We Care Car Care was started in 2010 when an entrepreneurial car enthusiast struggled to find a
company that could thoroughly detail his SUV while providing quick and friendly service. Frustrated by
poor results, harmful chemicals and the inconvenience of a traditional drop-off detail shop, WE CARE CAR
CARE mobile detailing was born.

Convenience is the marquee of our business. We will detail your vehicle at the location of your choice.
Our self-contained steam cleaning system eliminates the need for harmful chemicals and uses less than
one gallon of water per car.

Our Team

Dedicated to auto detailing and home cleaning as well as serving you with quality & value.

Our detailing techs and assistants as well as our support staff are highly skilled in their field and have
many years of experience; always on the leading edge of the detailing industry. Most of all: they love cars
and care about yours. Whether itís our quick, quality, friendly service or the honesty and value we bring
to every interaction, our customers love us

What is Eco-Friendly Detailing?

According to the EPA the average DIY driveway car wash consumes, on average, 116 gallons of water to
clean your car. Nearly 100% of that water is turned into waste water. That waste water is harmful to the
enviroment because it can errode soil as well as carry dirt, greese and gime back to your drinking water.
Thats the reason we are a Eco-Friendly Mobile Detailer.
We Care Car Care uses several diffrent cleaning methods to detail and clean based on the condition of
your vehicle. We use a waterless wash for vehicles that are in good shape, a rinseless wash for the
average car and in the case of very dirty vehicles, we also use a steam cleaning system. We can clean
your car with less then a half gallon of water! Last year we saved over 60,000 gallons of water from turing
into waste water. Thats enough water to fill 10 average sized above ground pools or 8 NHL hockey rinks!

Since day one we have adopted this enviromently friendly approach to cleaning and have been a pioneer
in the industry. We currently have a pending process patent for our cleaning system!

Our Eco-Friendly detailing doesnt stop with water savings. All the cleaning products and chemicals we
use are 100% non-VOC. Meaning they are safer for you, your car and our detailing team. We even have a
chemical free option for chemical sensitive people and allergy suffers. The bulk of our interior cleaning is
powered by a dry-vapor steam process with the assistance of light all purpose, pH balanced cleaners. SO
why use steam?

Why Steam?

The process of using the power of using steam to clean has been around for over 150 years. First used in
industrial applications cleaning machinery, ships and trains. During the 1960's steam cleaning was
re-introduced in Europe to homeowners and cleaning contractors as a way to clean everyday items with
small portable machines. Within the last few years, as the technology has grown, small portable
machines capable of running on only 110 volt outlets have become available to the US market and is one
of the fastest growing segment in the cleaning industry.

Steam cleaning for auto detailing offers many advantages over the other more traditional cleaning
methods. The first is the water savings, the process is very Eco-friendly. Washing a normal car consumes,
on average, 116 gallons of water, with most of that water turning into waste water. The steam equipment
we use is a dry vapor pressurized steam and consumes less than 2 liters of water to clean the inside and
outside of most vehicles. Our system produces zero waste water so it can be used almost anywhere. We
can detail your car in your driveway, office, parking lot, garage or even indoors. The steam is around 5%
water so it dries in seconds on solid surfaces and in minutes on your upholstery. Most professional
detailers use a hot water extraction system to clean soft surfaces in your car. While extractors clean very
well and take out most of the water, it still can take a few hours to complete drying after being cleaned.
When we clean your car, you can get in and drive right away!

The second advantage of steam is that it kills mold, bacteria, viruses and other microorganisms found
living on the surfaces in your vehicle. Pressurized dry vapor steam blasts away dirt, oil, grease often
without need of additional harsh chemical agents. This creates a healthier environment in your vehicle
and is great for people who suffer allergies or have small children or pets. When steam is not enough to
break up the dirt and grime and we need a little extra cleaning power we use our own custom line of green
cleaning products we manufacture in-house. Our cleaners are free of harsh chemicals and use green
cleaning ingredients found around the kitchen such as Vinegar and Baking Soda to name a few.

Using the power of steam, we will have your car or home looking and smelling like new again!

The Mobil Advantage

Being mobile has it advantages. It saves you, the customer time, money and aggravation. Using our
mobile service you no longer need to bring your car anywhere and leave it for a day or overnight
anymore. We can come to you when its is most convenient for you.

At your house, your office, parking garage, apartment complex, you name it we can clean your vehicle
there. At We Care Car Care we can deploy one of our fully self-contained cleaning trucks and SUVs to
virtually anywhere. We do not require a water hook-up for running water. No outlet or power available at
the work site? Not a problem, we bring the power with us. With no water used or waste water created we
can clean anywhere even in communities and areas that have water use or waste water restrictions. We
have cleaned campers and R/Vs right at the campground, cleaned airplanes right in the hanger and boats
in their slips.

We also offer cleaning and detailing solutions for businesses and fleet owners. Steam cleaning
commercial vehicles offer many advantages over conventional cleaning methods including creating a
healthier work enviroment . Have a busy fleet or are your trucks out all day long? Not a problem for us.
We come to you, when and where it is most convient. We can meet your out on the jobsite, office or
motorpool parking lot. We can even service your vehicles overnight so there is little or no disruption to
your business when your vehicles could be out making money.

Think you have a unique situation, give us a call.

Serving MetroWest Boston and Beyond
Eco-Friendly Mobile Detailing